Feline Spey Kit Grade III

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FELINE Spey Kit Grade III - A9013-G3

Bydand Veterinary Kits have been developed through the guidance of Veterinary professionals and wholesalers. Purchasing instruments in the form of pre-assembled kits helps to take out some of the guesswork involved in the instrument selection process. These kits are designed for convenience and are available at a significant saving versus purchasing instruments on an individual basis. These kits are available in up to three different grades:Grade I – Premium, Grade II - Superior, Grade III – Economy

Feline Spey Kit Grade 3 includes:

  • 1 x ARMO Spey hook 7cm shank A3000
  • 1 x ARMO Scalpel Handle No.03 A4950
  • ARMO Artery Forceps: 4 x Halsted-Mosquito (C) 12.5cm A2121, 2 x Crile (C)14cm A2111, 2 x Crile (S) 14cm A2110, 2 x Rochester-Carmalt (S) 16cm A2100
  • ARMO Dressing Forceps: 1 x Adson 12cm A2401
  • ARMO Tissue Forceps: 1 x Adison-Brown 12cm A2554, 2 x Allis, 4x5 teeth 15cm A2605
  • ARMO Scissors: 1 x Mayo (S) 14.5cm A3202, 1 x Metzenbaum (C) 16cm A3256
  • ARMO Towel Clips: 4 x Backhaus 9cm A5150
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